Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014

Transformers 4 : A Transformation of Local Culture and Customs

It’s been 1.50AM, and I just got back from Central Jakarta for a farewell party with my SUSI chums since Odit, one of our besties in the gang will come back to New York for working at the United Nations Headquarter shortly. Yup, don’t be envious he is really deserved with all the things he has gained though.
Anyway, let’s just go straight. The story starts when I was just about to leave the party and suddenly I got a message, an “invitation” to watch a movie at theater around Jakarta shopping belt area which was expected to be the first Indonesia’s orchard, just like one in Singapore [drama queen :p] As I was always declare that I am a movieslicius, and fortunately I just got a couple of bucks from my freelance work, I finally confirmed. The movie we have watched was Transformers and it was so special since it was my very first time watching a movie on 3D. lol.
Just like another Hollywood movies, the movie is tots great. The sound effect, cinematography, super smooth sequences, and of course the visual effect are awesome! Besides, the producer really gives a damn on character aspect of all actors. Things we could hardly find on our local films. However, I also noticed some stuffs that really interesting to be discussed with my film mate. What are those? Let’s scroll down.
First, we all know that bunches of Hollywood movies, sometimes underestimated local people that can be identified by hick, stingy, and uneducated people such what we can find on Sex and the City 2. And sort of things can be found on Transformers when a woman police in Hongkong is bargaining with a man to get his motorcycle in a cheaper price. It may seems like a joke, but when we take a look on how people see Chinese would fight for a penny, the movie would be ended up with different story. Can I say that it’s kind of racist? Well, I don’t know!
Second, we all know that China’s economy was growing fast in the past decades. So many rich people are coming from the country that can easily buy super branded stuffs kind of Luis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, etc. And this reality was shown on the movie. But turns out, this reality tends to have two different interpretations. In one hand, it shows exactly the impact of their massive economic development to the people, while in another hand, the movie wants to show strike it rich people’s behavior that sometimes act plebeian and tacky as it shown on the movie.
Third, I also noticed that, the movie criticized Chinese product. We may all considering that most of imported products all around the world, are imported from the country. And because of those things, some anecdotes came up such as “God only created the world, and the rest is China” or “China can duplicate anything we want with a cheaper price”. And what makes me laugh when I watch the movie is, when one of robot [I don’t really remember who exactly the name is] said, “I hate imitation products!” since Optimus was duplicated to fight him back. The fight also shows that the imitation brittle and fragile since Optimus and the gang can easily conquer them. Exactly the same like China’s second stuffs. Too much chins inside and fragile.

Nevertheless, Transfomers 4 is damn great! Superb and worth every penny to watch… ^_^